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Porcelain fused to metal crowns (or PFM crowns) can be referred to as full-cast crowns which has porcelain fused on most or all parts of the tooth. Metal alloys with a high melting temperature are used to fuse porcelain to the surface and preventing the metal from melting. This ensures the porcelain to bond without changing its color. When the tooth is prepared for such crowns, a large part of the tooth tissue gets removed making space for porcelain as well as the metal.

Material of metal (Precious. Semi-precious . Non-Precious)

  • VITA porcelain
  • Argent alloy
  • Turnaround time 3-4 working days ( Customer to customer is 7-10 days ).
  • PFM are widely used in dentistry.
  • The metal frame provides strong compression and tensile strength as well as proper support . strength is good. Technician can layer Ceramic to create a natural colour effect for the patient if there is enough space .
  • Good quality and price ( FDA Certified Dental Lab ).